Mum Who ‘Bought 10-Year-Old Daughter £43k Car’ Claims Son ‘Expects £100 From Tooth Fairy’

A mum has claimed that her seven-year-old son 'expects £100 under his pillow from the tooth fairy'. 
Credit: Unsplash & @roxyjacenko/Instagram

A mum who bought her 10-year-old daughter a £43,000 car for her birthday has claimed that her seven-year-old son ‘expects £100 under his pillow from the tooth fairy’. 

Roxy Jacenko, from Australia, recently took to Instagram stories and told her followers that her child had lost one of his teeth.

In the clip, she recorded her son saying: “I lost my tooth.”

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The mum, from Australia, has claimed her seven-year-old son ‘expects £100 under his pillow from the tooth fairy’. Credit: @roxyjacenko/Instagram

To which the mum replied: “What are you doing with it?”

The seven-year-old explained that he would put the tooth under his pillow and he’d wake up to money underneath it the next day.

When Jacenko then asked how much he’d be expecting, he earnestly replied $200, which is around £107 in the UK.

This isn’t the first time the Aussie mum has caused a stir with her parenting.

Previously, the businesswoman faced a backlash when she revealed to followers that she’d purchased her daughter a Prada handbag and neon Balenciaga sliders for her 10th birthday.

Further outrage was caused when she then purchased the 10-year-old a £43,000 Mercedes.

In a chat with, the 41-year-old claimed she made the expensive purchase as she wanted to ensure her children would ‘travel safely’.

She explained: “It’s of utmost importance to me that both she and her brother Hunter travel safely on the roads when going to and from school so I purchased a car for her.

“Obviously she doesn’t drive it, she is driven in it as is her brother to and from school and for any activities.

“Given the number of fatalities on our roads their safety is so important so if it means buying a car that has extra safety features that’s what I’ll do.”

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