Mum Shares A Hilarious Note Written By Daughter, 9, In An Attempt To Skip School

A mum has shared a hilarious note she was given by her nine-year-old daughter who was determined to skip school for the day. In the short letter she wrote to her mum, the little girl said she felt “dissy” and had a “high tempreture”. 

A mum took to Facebook to share the hilarious note she read from her daughter, which made her laugh out loud at the effort she had gone to in an attempt to skip school.

Determined for her mum to give her a day off school, a nine-year-old girl attempted to write a letter convincing her mum to tell the school that she was feeling unwell so that she could skip the day.

Danielle Joyce explained that although it had only been a few weeks into the start of school, her daughter Olivia was eager to have the day off. In the morning, she found a letter which contained instructions and a script that was meant to convince the school office she had a “high tempreture” and was “dissy” so she wouldn’t be able to attend.

In the note, Olivia tried to work her charm by saying that the only reason she wanted the day off in the first place was so that she could spend some more time with her mum – she then asked that she not wake her up.

Amused by her little girl’s efforts, the mum shared the note to Facebook. The letter read: “Hi mum it’s Olivia. I just wanted to tell you dont wake me up I am realy tired!

“Pls say to the office: ‘Hi it’s Olivia’s mum she has a high tempreture and she says she feels dissy and sick…’

“Please at least I can spend some time with you 🙂 I love you xxx PLEASE JUST FOR ME! xxx

“PS – your lovely daughter Olivia.”

Credit: Facebook

Danielle wrote on Facebook: “This made me laugh this morning. You wouldn’t think she had just had 5 months off would you? It didn’t work and she is at school.”

In the Facebook group Lockdown Tips & Ideas, other members said it was quite cute how Olivia had gone to so much effort to have a day off school.

One person asked: “How could you say no to that?”

Another wrote: “What a brilliant funny kid I’d deffo give her the day off, pamper her like a princess and be super proud of her spirit lol.”

Although Olivia didn’t get her way, it was certainly a great attempt at trying to win her mum over!

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Written by Aimee Walker

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