Mum Shares Handy Christmas Card Hack So It Can Be Done In Seconds!

A mum has been praised for coming up with a brilliant solution to getting all the Christmas cards signed within minutes, meaning you won’t get a sore hand and you won’t make any spelling mistakes!

A smart mum has taken to Facebook to share her handy solution on how to get the Christmas cards signed at superspeed.

The woman explained that her six-year-old daughter wanted to write out her Christmas cards, but due to hypermobile joints in her hands, she gets fatigued quickly. Knowing she had to write over 80 Christmas cards for family and friends was therefore becoming a worry.

To make it easier for her daughter, the mum ordered a personalised Christmas stamp, which would sign the cards in her daughter’s handwriting.

The clever mum wrote: “Christmas card writing hack for kids.

“I got my daughter to write the following, scanned it and made a stamp from it. Will make the Christmas card writing task so much easier.”

The woman said that to follow this tip, all you have to do is get a piece of paper and have your child write their message on it.

Then you simply scan it into the computer to make sure that you remove all the background – this can be achieved with the help of Photoshop.

The mum then went onto Vistaprint to make her stamp and then she was able to get her daughter’s Christmas cards complete at a quick speed.

Credit: Facebook

She added: “They write so much at school that at home her tolerance is low.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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