Mum Shares How To Make Colourful Unicorn Ice Cream Using Five Ingredients!

A mum has shared an exciting unicorn ice cream recipe that you can make with just five ingredients you might already have stocked away in the cupboard! This is definitely a dessert that will go down great with the kids. 

The coronavirus lockdown has certainly brought out the culinary and baking goddesses in all of us, from making cheese melt dippers inspired by the ones from the McDonald’s menu to creamy Oreo fudges, people have been sharing some brilliant recipes online.

On the popular Facebook group Budget Friendly Meals Australia, one mum decided to share her amazing five-ingredient method for making a fun pastel-coloured dessert… unicorn ice cream!

The great thing about this ice cream recipe is that you don’t even need an ice cream maker, which of course, not everyone will have.

The helpful mum explained: “I used 5 cups of cream, 3 cans of condensed milk, a lil bit of sugar and some vanilla essence.”

To start off making the unicorn ice cream, the mum whipped up the cream, sugar and vanilla until it began forming soft peaks in the bowl.

Following this, she added some condensed milk and then separated the mixture into different bowls before adding any food colouring.

Although you can pick any colour you fancy, this mum decided to use complementary shades of light pink, yellow, blue and green.

Before popping the into a freezer-safe container to freeze overnight, the mum added a generous amount of sprinkles.

Now seriously, the final results of the homemade ice cream look even better than anything store-bought we’ve laid our eyes on.

Credit: Facebook

Since being posted, the post has racked up over 800 likes and hundreds of comments from other members in the group.

One commented: “This looks so yummy.”

Whilst another gushed: “My mum used this recipe 50 years ago. I still remember the taste!”

A third raved: “Yummm! Going to try this with some bubblegum flavouring if I can get my hands on some!”

Credit: Tesco

If you don’t have the time, resources or patience to have a crack at making some unicorn ice cream for yourself, then you can always pick up Tesco’s Rainbow Ice Cream Cones on your next essential shop.

At the bargain price of £1, the four rainbow cones have candyfloss flavoured ice cream in a pink wafer cone. With a chocolate flavoured coating and topping of strawberry flavoured sauce and coloured sugar pieces, it will certainly go down well with the kids after lunch.

With over 100 reviews on Tesco’s website, parents have been raving about the product.

One person wrote: “I was looking for cheap ice creams/lollies and came across these. I thought these Rainbow Cones were pretty, so decided to give them a try. OMG – these are gorgeous!!! Not only pretty but tasty too. The strawberry sauce runs all the way down and isn’t too sweet. The ice cream flavours are delicious and the cone is lovely and crispy, with a big chocolate hit at the bottom. These will definitely be on my shopping list again.”

Another added: “Delicious. Probably my favourite new buy and I’ll definitely be buying again.”

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