Mum Shares Photo Of Her Kids’ Nutella And Honey Pancakes For Packed Lunch And Gets Slammed

A mum has been slammed by other parents after sharing a photo of her kids’ packed lunch in which she included Nutella and honey pancakes. 

A proud mum shared her budget-friendly lunchbox idea online but was shocked to receive backlash when parents deemed it “unhealthy” for kids to be eating.

The mum had prepared a stack of plain pancakes, a mini sachet of chocolate spread and a small jar of honey, alongside some chopped up fruits.

The mum said she found it was a pretty affordable lunch to make for kids to take to school and that she had picked up the bits from Aldi and B&M.

She posted her money-saving tip to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group and said: “Packed lunch idea.

“Pancakes aldi – less than 60p. Fruit – less than 50p.

“Nutella – 2. 99 for 12 in B&M. Honey – 24 pots for 3.50 in my local bargain store.”

However, the mum received a torrent of negative feedback from parents, who insisted she shouldn’t be making her kids’ such “unhealthy” lunches that lack in “nutrition”.

Credit: Facebook

The post received over 6,000 reactions to the post and one mum asked: “Any nutrition??”

A second said: “Not a proper lunch really.”

Whilst a third mum wrote: “I love the colourful fruit you put in the boxes. However I would add some proteins and reduce the sugar.”

Another criticised, saying: “More like a dessert than a lunch. Looks unhealthy apart from fruit.”

Meanwhile, others were quick to point out that Nutella is banned in most schools due to nut allergies.

Despite the slamming over the packed lunch, the mum defended herself and said: “Please note. You can do this without the nutella!

“My kids school is tiny and it’s ok, but I understand most won’t allow so of course no nutella.

“But as for the ‘sugar’ content the honey is natural sugars as are the fruit.

“Please remember it’s just an idea am just trying to help others out.”

Fortunately for the mum, some parents did come to her aid and said that it wasn’t fair to be so mean, she had only wanted to share her idea.

One woman commented: “Too much sweet stuff too for packed lunches. ideal for picnics with family or at home.”

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