Mum ‘Didn’t Realise’ Her 18st Teenage Son Was Obese Until His Hip Collapsed

Credit: Channel 4

A mum claimed she ‘didn’t realise’ her 18 stone teenage son was obese until his hip collapsed due to his weight. 

In the upcoming Channel 4 show 100 Kilo Kids: Obesity SOS, Sue was informed that her son, Harry, was worryingly overweight and would need to go to the hospital for complex and painful surgery to address his size.

“I didn’t realise it was as bad as it was,” the mum explained. “I suppose you see them every day and you don’t realise how much weight he’s put on.”

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The mum said she ‘didn’t realise’ her 18 stone son was obese until his hip collapsed. Credit: Channel 4

Throughout the episode, Sue and her 15-year-old son received advice from specialist doctors at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children’s Obesity Clinic, who warned the pair that the teenager dramatically needed to reduce his Body Mass Index (BMI).

A specialist told Harry that he had a BMI of 44, and due to his increasing size, his other hip could collapse too.

The teenager claimed that his weight spiralled out of control as his dad was absent throughout his life, so he’d always sought comfort from food.

But despite the doctor’s warning, Harry wasn’t spurred on to lose the pounds, and eventually went on to gain another two stone.

During the show, professor Julian Hamilton-Shield revealed that gaining weight is quite a common pattern for adolescents when dieting – regardless of whether or not they’re being supervised by the clinic – as parents can unintentionally encourage bad diet habits.

The doctor explained: “We’re trying to work out what’s within the family that is leading to the excess weight.

“We don’t like it – nobody likes it – but we probe. And sometimes it comes out and sometimes it doesn’t.”

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