Mum Advocate For Home Births After She Was Handed Wrong Baby Twice


A mum says she’s now an advocate for home births after she was handed the wrong baby twice in the hospital.

Becky Marin, who is a mother of eight, recently opened up about the incidents on TikTok.

She said: “So I actually have had my baby switched by the hospital. Not once but twice.

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“With my first, [the midwives] wheeled in a baby boy and they were like ‘we fed your baby for you’.

“And I was like ‘I’m breastfeeding!'”

Moments later, they returned to the room and said: “Sorry – wrong baby!”

The shocking moment then happened again when the time came for her to have her next child.

She continued: With my second they wheeled in a baby girl and were like ‘here’s your daughter’.

“We were like ‘she’s already in the room with us!'”

When it came to her next birth, she refused to let her child out of her sight.

She explained: “With my third, we did not let that baby leave.

“Of course, they fought us on it.

“The [nurse in charge] came in and said, ‘we have to take the baby out to do testing’.

“She then tattled to the OBGYN who came in and made fun of me and said, ‘that’s right Becky – we’re all trying to steal your baby!’

“And I was like, ‘hey – once is an accident. Twice is a pattern’.

“So if you wonder what causes a woman to become an advocate of home births, that’s one of many reasons.”

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Her post has received thousands of comments and some people have joked that they’re now wondering if their kids are ‘actually my kids’.

One person wrote: “Are you kidding? Twice? Imagine all the parents out there who have the wrong child and don’t even know it.”

Others have opened up about similar experiences they’ve had.

“Same thing happened to my mom! She had a girl and when the nurse came back to give her the baby it was a boy! Imagine if it was another girl.”

“I was switched with a boy,” added another. “They told them well here is your son and my mum looked at them and said ‘I’m 100% sure I had a girl.”

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