‘Naked Attraction’ Contestant Signed Up As ‘Spiteful Girls’ Threatened To ‘Leak His Nudes’

A Naked Attraction contestant has claimed he signed up to the show because 'spiteful girls' were threatening to 'leak his nudes'. 
Credit: Channel 4 & @robonlyross/Instagram

A Naked Attraction contestant has claimed he signed up to the show because ‘spiteful girls’ were threatening to ‘leak his nudes’. 

Rob Ross stripped off on the first series of the programme but admitted he still gets messages about it five years later. 

In a TikTok explaining why he made the decision to take part, he said: “People always asked me why I went on the show, and there were a couple of reasons. 

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naked attraction 'spiteful girls'
The Naked Attraction contestant has explained his reasons for appearing on the show in a TikTok post. Credit: @robonlyross/Instagram

“One was to improve my self-confidence because I knew that if I could get naked on TV, I could conquer anything.

“The other reason is because there are some spiteful girls out there. When I started appearing on TV, they’d say stuff like ‘I’ve got photos and stuff,’ if it didn’t end on good terms.

“I thought ‘Well, do your worst, because eight million people have seen my penis’. 

“It doesn’t matter, you can send it to anyone. It does benefit me in a way.”

The Essex man described the decision as a ‘reverse Uno card’ as it took away any power the girls had over him. 

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He continued: “They might have it on their phones, but it’s on a TV screen. It’s a reverse Uno card, that’s the best way to describe it.

“I made a joke and a prat out of myself so nobody can say anything. If you nip it in the bud and take it as a joke, people know they’ll have no ammunition to hit out at you.”

Users took to the comments section to praise the 31-year-old for his ‘modern’ thinking.

One wrote: “Modern problems require modern solutions.” While another said: “Clever solution if you’ve had a pride bypass.”

“Wow, that I was not expecting at 1am. What a power move though,” added a third. 

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Written by Aimee Walker

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