Nando’s Has Just Released Bottles Of Garlic Flavoured Perinaise

Nando’s has just released some tantalising new sauces that will satisfy our cravings until the chicken chain can once again open its door under the coronavirus pandemic. 

Nando’s latest sauce comes in the form of Garlic Perinaise and is basically the beloved Perinaise that will all know and crave but with an added pinch of garlic to give it a whole new kick.

Perfect for drizzling over your chips, spreading on your sandwiches and even slathering on a salad – the sauce has so much potential.

Credit: Nando’s

Available now at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Iceland supermarkets across the UK, you can pick up the Garlic Perinaise bottle in two sizes: 265g and 465g.

Whilst the smaller bottle costs around £1.85, the bigger bottle is at the retail price of £2.95 – however, prices may vary from store to store.

Yet if garlic just doesn’t do it for you, then you’ll be glad to know that this is just one of the Nando’s extensive Perinaise sauces that have been launched. There’s also Mild, Hot and even a Vegan edition available to purchase.

After the release of the sauces, it is set to be rolled out across supermarkets and stores in the UK within the upcoming months.

Credit: Nando’s

The launch of the new products come just after Nando’s lovers were delighted to discover that they would now be able to order their favourite dishes to their doors, as the company makes plans to reopen its doors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to follow the government’s social distancing guidelines, the iconic Peri-Peri providers closed its doors on March 23.

However, it won’t be long before we can try the Portuegous chicken flavours once again, as the restaurant chain has partnered up with Deliveroo to allow a select few stores to reopen with limited menus for takeaway orders.

Initially, two of the first four restaurants was based in London whilst the other two were in Manchester. At this moment in time, they are open from 12 pm to 9 pm.

Below is a list of the open Nando’s stores across the UK:

  • London – Clink Street
  • London – Camberwell
  • London – Canary Jubilee
  • London – Gloucester Road
  • Manchester – Fallowfield
  • Manchester – Printworks

Unfortunately, if your local branch hasn’t made the list then you won’t be able to make an order for a Nando’s at home.

Yet don’t feel too glum. If this first phase of reopening the restaurants become a success, then the chain plans to deliver more of its Peri-Peri delights across other parts of the UK too.

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