Netflix Viewers Say Terrifying Horror Movie Left Them ‘Sick To Their Stomach’

Netflix viewers say the terrifying horror movie Fall has left them feeling 'sick to their stomach.'
Credit: Lionsgate Films

Netflix viewers say a terrifying horror movie has left them feeling ‘sick to their stomach.’

Everyone has fears, whether it’s spiders or seeing a needle. Some fears are more common than others, like being terrified of heights.

Acrophobia is a condition where people have an intense fear of heights.

People who suffer from this will feel intense anxiety when positioned at a significant height, or even just thinking about it.

Now, there’s a film that addresses this fear and although it’s terrifying, you can’t look away.

Fall (2022).
The movie is even more terrifying if you have a fear of heights. Credit: Lionsgate Films

The survival thriller, directed by Scott Mann, stars Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Mason Gooding, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Its description reads: “Two best friends Becky and Hunter decide to climb a 2000-foot-tall, abandoned tower. Soon, they find themselves stranded on it after the corroded ladder breaks.”

Reacting to it on social media, one person says: “I literally got sick to my stomach while watching.”

Another adds: “My palms haven’t sweated like this in a long time.”

Fall (2022).
Some viewers say the film left them ‘sick to their stomach.’ Credit: Lionsgate Films

“I am terrified of heights, so watching it was pure masochism. Terrifying!” a third viewer comments.

Someone else says: “I didn’t expect much of this, and it’s a great exercise on cinematic tension, it does get to you. Very pleasantly surprised with this!”

While a fifth admits: “I couldn’t even make it through the trailer.”

The movie has garnered a Rotten Tomatoes score of 79%, 62 out of 100 on Metacritic, and 8.4/10 on IMDb.

The movie has also been praised by critics, with The Guardian‘s Benjamin Lee penning: “The tension of it all is heightened even more so by two fully committed performances from little-known actors giving it their all, trying admirably hard to sell some laughably goofy dialogue during a physically grueling vertical obstacle course.”

Dallas King for Flick Feast adds: “This is an intense thriller that needs to be experienced on the biggest screen possible.”

Fall (2022).
Fall has received praise from both viewers and critics. Credit: Lionsgate Films

In an interview with Radio Times, Mann revealed what inspired Fall.

He told the publication: “The inception of the height idea came about when we were shooting Final Score at a stadium in the U.K.

“We were filming at height, and off camera, we got into this interesting conversation about height and the fear of falling and how that’s inside of all of us, really, and how that can be a great device for a movie.”

It’s also been confirmed that a Fall 2 will follow.

Variety reports that filmmakers Michael and Peter Spierig will direct the sequel, with the brothers commenting: “We’re extremely excited to helm the second installment of this franchise and bring to life another nail-biting, vertigo-inducing thrill ride.”

Watch the gripping trailer for Fall below…

Fall is now available to stream on Netflix. 

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