Netflix Viewers Slam The Watcher For Having The ‘Worst Ending Ever’

Viewers have slammed The Watcher finale as ‘the worst ending to any piece of cinema’. Warning: There may be spoilers...
Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers have slammed the finale of its new true crime series The Watcher for having the ‘worst’ ending they’ve ever seen. Warning: There may be spoilers…

The series, which is based on a true story, follows the Brannock family as they move into their dream house.

However, their joy turns into a living hell as they start receiving haunting letters from a threatening stalker who is ‘obsessed’ with their home.

The show – from the creator of Dahmer and American Horror Story – has knocked Dahmer off the top spot in Netflix’s top 10 most-watched TV programmes.

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Sadly, though, the ending of the series has left viewers bitterly disappointed.

At first, Theodora (Noma Dumezweni), a private detective brought in to help the family, confesses to being The Watcher.

She tells the family that she used to live in the house and wanted to scare them so that she could move back in.

However, it’s then revealed that Theodora is terminally ill and had made it all up because she wanted the family to feel some ‘relief’ before she died.

As a result, The Watcher’s identity remains a mystery, ultimately closing the series with the same conclusion as real-life.

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One angry viewer wrote on Twitter: “The ending of The Watcher might be hands down the worst ending to any piece of cinema I’ve ever had to see.

“All the directions they could’ve gone and THAT is how they end it? Utterly horrible.”

A second person fumed: “If you’re going to start watching The Watcher on Netflix, don’t.

“Officially the worst ending I’ve ever seen.”

Dean Brannock (Bobby Cannavale) The Watcher
Netflix viewers have slammed the finale of The Watcher for having the ‘worst’ ending they’ve ever seen. Credit: Netflix

A third wrote: “The Watcher on Netflix… TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.

“Had me all into the show for seven episodes and the ending is complete and total BS.

“You had me terrified for hours… couldn’t go to sleep and that ending makes me angry! So dumb.”

A fourth added: “DON’T watch The Watcher on Netflix there’s no ending to it, no one figures out who The Watcher is ur welcome.”

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Another person said that while they appreciated the series was a true story, the ending made it ‘an absolute waste of time’.

Show bosses tried to keep some elements of the story as close to the real-life version as they could.

However, Shanna Kelly, whose family lived near the real house in The Watcher, explained that the Netflix series did make up some details about mysterious killer John List.

John Graff (Joe Mantello) is based on List, who was a real-life serial killer in Westfield.

She claims that List didn’t live in the house, nor did he receive letters.

She wrote on Twitter: “OK let’s talk John Graff – based on John List – from The Watcher on Netflix.

John Graff and his family.
John Graff is based on real-life Westfield killer John List who did not live in the house but did murder his family. Credit: Family Photo/Wikimedia Commons

“He didn’t live in the house or get letters but did live in Westfield.

“He was on America’s Most Wanted for murdering his mother, wife and two children.

“My mom lived in the next town over during this time.

“The show captures the premise: They lived with his mom, the wife drank, the daughter did things he didn’t like, he was religious, had money problems and pretended to go to work.

“After killing his family, he lined all their bodies in the ballroom and left classical music playing.

“He cut his face out of all the photos, making it hard for authorities to find him. He then moved and started a new life and remarried.

“He was eventually found because of America’s Most Wanted and died in prison.”

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