Netflix Viewers ‘Terrified’ After Watching ‘Sons Of Sam’

Sons of Sam: Netflix viewers have been left 'terrified' after watching The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into The Darkness.
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Netflix viewers have been left ‘terrified’ after watching The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into The Darkness.

The docuseries, which dropped on the streaming platform earlier this month, explores the shocking crimes committed by serial killer David Berkowitz. 

Known to the media as ‘.44 Caliber Killer,’ Berkowitz alleged that he had been possessed by demons and proclaimed himself to be the ‘Son of Sam’.

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The title came from his obsession with his neighbour, also called Sam, who had a black Labrador which he was convinced was an evil spirit. 

Whenever he would commit a crime, he would write letters to the local newspapers, signing off as ‘Son of Sam’.

In August 1977, he was arrested after the largest city manhunt took place in New York. 

During his court case the following year, he pleaded guilty to eight separate shootings – which took the lives of six people and injured ten more – and he was given six life sentences.

After watching the programme, one tweeted: Watching #SonsofSam hoping I’ll be able to sleep.” 

Another added: “Well I ended up watching all of #SonsOfSam in one go. Compulsively propellant and creepy.”

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Another true-crime docuseries that has recently dropped on Netflix is Murder Among The Mormons.

The three-part special follows the story of Mark Hofmann who created explosive devices which resulted in two deaths in Salt Lake City in 1985.

He also created forgeries related to the Latter Day Saint movement.

The episodes, directed by Jared Hess and Tyler Measom, explore how the killings rocked the Mormon community and there are plenty of shocking discoveries along the way.

Opening up about the series, Hess said: “For me, one of the most interesting things about the whole story is how the Salamander Letter exploited a faithful Latter Day Saint’s deepest fears.

“It directly challenged the origin story of their faith and something that they hold dear and sacred. The chain reaction of events that occurred following that were just unfathomable.

“There was a sigh of relief that the Salamander Letter turned out to be a forgery, but for a lot of people, it did raise questions.”

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