New Study Shows Having A Dog Cuts Your Risk Of Dying Early By 24 Percent

A new study has shown that having a pet dog cuts your risk of dying early by 24 percent. Well, if that’s not a reason to get a dog then what is?

New research that’s been published in journal Circulation has some pretty great news for dog lovers.

According to the study “dog ownership was associated with a 24 percent risk reduction for all-cause mortality as compared to non-ownership”.

For example, your risk of having a heart attack is cut by 65 percent when you own a dog. If you do have a stroke, you’re 27 percent less likely to die as a result if you’re a dog owner.

You may feel a little skeptical about this but the reason why dogs can have such a profound effect on your health is that your pooches require you to play and walk with them, therefore this little bit of exercise keeps your heart healthy and can help you recover from an illness.

A little less obvious reason a dog benefits your health is that they require you to take them outside (for those number ones and twos). The human body is proven to work a lot better when outside and breathing in all that fresh air.

Finally, dogs can help keep that loneliness at bay. Scientists claim loneliness can be as damaging towards your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

The study was purely observational but did have a case study of over 3.8 million people. As it was obeservational, researchers cannot definitively prove that dog ownership has a direct link to a prolonged life. This was conducted on people from the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Therefore, with such a large amount, it looks like there must be some truth behind the investigation.

Dr Dhruv S. Kazi wrote in an editorial accompanying the findings that “Several studies have shown that acquiring a dog perforce increases physical exercise (as anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to sleep past the time of a dog’s routine morning walk can attest.

“Dogs offer companionship, reduce anxiety and loneliness, increase self-esteem, and improve overall mood.”

Lead author of the investigation, Caroline Kramer added to CNN: “The overall understanding of cardiovascular health is that the earlier we implement healthier behaviors, the better. So like walking, not smoking. And I think that maybe dog ownership is a part of that.”

Despite there not being a 100 percent confirmation, there are no doubt dogs bring pure joy to our lives.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.