New TV Show Reveals How Fat Fetishism Is On The Rise

A new reality TV show which will air on TLC next year called Hot & Heavy has been exploring the lives of ‘mixed-weight’ couples as they face scepticism and ridicule from the public and even their own families. 

This new reality TV show will chronicle the lives of three ‘mixed-weight’ couples who are struggling to defend their unorthodox romances. 

The three couples are Joy and Chris, Kristin and Rusty, and Adrianna and Ricardo and from the trailer, there appears to be promise of plenty of drama from the three one hour episodes. 

In the trailer, Ricardo talks about his love for his partner: “Adrianna is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.

“We’re just two people that are different sizes, and I don’t feel like there should be a stigma behind it.”

Despite weighing over 400 pounds, Ricardo claims he doesn’t have any problems with his ladylove, although he admits Adrianna herself doesn’t feel worthy. 

In the clip, Adrianna explains: “I always had this idea that I didn’t deserve love because of what I looked like”.

This isn’t helped by the fact that whenever Ricardo and Adrianna are out together in public, they face ridicule and cruel comments. 

Adrianna & Ricardo

One scene shows Adrianna bursting into tears as a man drives by and screams: “Lay off the ice cream, ya cow! Mooooo!” 

The first person to address Adrianna’s weight issues was a high school bully, who in the TV show she confronts. 

Ricardo remarked on the awkward reunion: “I’m not a violent person, but if I have to protect her, I will with pleasure.”

Joy & Chris

Meanwhile, there’s Chris and Joy who have been in a relationship for three years. Although the couple appears to be standing the test of time, Chris’ family isn’t happy with the relationship. Sadly, this has confirmed Joy’s worst fears. 

“My mum told me that it would be difficult to find love if I was heavy.”Joy admitted, adding that “conventionally attractive women” are the ones who appear to be the most offended by their relationship.

However, Chris is determined to stay behind Joy’s side, ignoring the doubts of their relationship that are weighing down on him. 

“I love every inch of joy. There are lots of inches to love.” Chris commented. 

The concept of ‘fat fetishism’ is addressed within the series.

At one point in the trailer, the concept of ‘fat fetishism’ is addressed, when asked if Chris sees their relationship as a ‘sexual thing’. 

A man close to Chris, whose relationship to him isn’t confirmed, claims to be adamant that Chris is making a mistake by settling down with Joy. He tries to encourage Chris to look for someone who is more “conventionally attractive”. 

He protests in his tribunal that he isn’t the only one on board, adding: “He could get any girl he wants, but he ends up being with Joy”. 

In spite of the criticism, Chris continues to go ahead with announcing his plans to propose to Joy by asking his family for their thoughts. A woman who appears to be his mother says: “What about her weight issue?”

Chris comments on the backlash which is featured in the trailer: “I knew it was going to be us versus the world and it’s very difficult.”

This has also taken its toll on Joy who adds: “Because of my size, sometimes I wonder if love is enough.”

In addition to these two couples is Kristin and Rusty, who have been married for two years and couldn’t be more lustful each other, despite their large size difference. 

“I absolutely love Kristin’s size,” Rusty gushes of his 329-pound wife, “I wouldn’t mind if she was a little bigger.”

Kristin feels just as attracted to Rusty: “I think every girl hopes they’re going to get a hunky husband, so I totally hit the jackpot.”

Kristen assumes that people look at the pair out in public and think: “‘How did that big girl that hunky guy?’” But really, Kristin doesn’t mind.

She even jokes: “Maybe I just have a golden vagina.”

Kristin & Rusty

In the trailer, it is revealed that issues are arising between the couple as Kristin is considering getting a gastric bypass in order to have a baby and start the family they’ve been dreaming of. Although Rusty also wants this family, he doesn’t want Kristin to have the operation. 

In the clip, he states: “I’m not down with surgery and all that crap.”

Kristin believes there’s more to it then the objection to surgery and in one scene is actually shown throwing a bowl of crisp angrily as she argues with Rusty. 

“You just want to keep me fat!” she rages. 

Of course, this amount of drama is bound to cause controversy and when TLC posted the preview clip on Twitter, the reaction was mixed. Many have accused the network of glorifying obesity.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.