Newlywed Couple Dubbed ‘Stupid’ After Posing On Rail Line For Wedding Shots

A newlywed couple has been dubbed stupid after they were spotted posing for wedding shots on a rail line in North Yorkshire. 

An unidentified couple has been spotted posing for a series of romantic shots in the middle of a rail line near Whitby earlier this year. The images show the bride and groom as they stand on a railway crossing while wearing their wedding attire. The bride’s friend can be seen holding onto the bride’s dress whilst the wedding photographer tries to capture the perfect shot.

Although many wouldn’t say that a rail line is exactly the most romantic of spots, this appears to not have stopped many people from having photoshoots and selfies on the railway line – oblivious to the thought of an oncoming train at high speed.

BBC News has previously reported that there have been over 5,000 trespassing incidents recorded this year, just between June and September. Many of these cases have involved people attempted to use the rail line as a background shot for a photo. In September alone, there were 1,239 trespassing incidents recorded.

A Network Rail spokesperson, Allan Spence, has described taking selfies and posing for wedding photoshoots on a railway line as “plain stupidity”.

He added: “Please, make sure you know the rail safety basics and pass that knowledge onto your loved ones. Lead by example and stay off the tracks.”

Determined to raise awareness of how dangerous railway lines can be, Network Rail has launched a You vs Train campaign, in partnership with the British Transport Police. On the website, it explains how there often unexpected trains and that railway lines are home to “lethal current in rails and power lines”.

British Transport Police Superintendant Alison Evans has urged people to consider their safety and has urged that tracks are “not an appropriate or safe setting for a photographic backdrop, no matter how scenic the setting”.

She said: “Every time someone strays on to the rail network they are not only putting themselves at risk of serious, life-threatening injury but also delaying essential journeys.”

To make people process the severity of the situation, the You vs Train campaign uses real-life stories. For example, Tom Hubbard recalled the moment that he ventured onto the tracks at 16-years-old.

Tom explained how he had wanted to check out one of the parked freight trains and so had crossed the train tracks and climbed onto the roof of one of the carriages.

He recalled: “I was suddenly knocked off my feet. I still can’t remember what happened next. I felt like I had been hit by lightning and all I could see was red… When I came round I was lying on my back on top of the train.

“I woke up 11 days later in the burns unit at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital, wrapped from head to toe in bandages and barely able to talk.

“I found out that I had been electrocuted on top of the train by the overhead cables. Although I hadn’t touched the wire, 25,000 volts of electricity jumped out and hit me.”

Network Rail is encouraging people to raise awareness on the dangers of train tracks, with an effort on reducing the number of incidents.

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