Former Page 3 Model Nicola McClean ‘Spends £4k On Designer Vagina’

Nicola McClean, who used to model for Page 3, has revealed she's 'spent a whopping £4,000 on a designer vagina'.
Credit: @nicolamclean30/Instagram
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Nicola McClean, 40, has revealed she’s ‘spent a whopping £4,000 on a designer vagina’.

The mum-of-two, who used to model for Page 3, told The Sun that she decided to make the move after having ‘two natural births’.

She explained: “It was no way to live. After two natural births, it certainly does change things.

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A former Page 3 girl has spent £4000 on a 'designer vagina'.
Nicola McClean has revealed she’s ‘spent £4,000 on a designer vagina’. Credit:@nicolamclean30/Instagram

“I’ve wanted it done for years. It’s been getting worse as I’m getting older so I thought, ‘I need to do something about this now’.

“Having to worry that I’m going to wet myself when I’m just about to sneeze – I’m too young to live like this.”

The procedure involves tightening the muscles to alter both the length and width of the vaginal canal.

McClean is just one of many celebs to take the plunge and have vaginoplasty, adding that she’s been influenced by reality stars such as Gemma Collins.

The former glamour model continued: “The GC was speaking about it a while ago and I thought, ‘She hasn’t got any kids, I need to look into this’.

“Gemma said it was brilliant and I think she’s brilliant so it went from there.”

McClean claims that the procedure has ‘changed her life,’ and it’s like she ‘never had children’.

“My pelvic floor function is so much better, it’s like I never had children. I can now bounce on the trampoline with my kids again without weeing myself,” she admitted. “Not only can I run up or down the stairs without risking an accident, I could run a marathon if I wanted.

“It’s changed my life.”

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