Nine-Year-Old Girl Has Been Sending Letters To Her Dad To Let Him Know She’s Unsafe

A nine-year-old girl from Texas has been at the centre of the #StandWithSophie campaign, after sending her father coded notes throughout lockdown, letting him know she’s unsafe after claiming that her mum’s fiancé has been sexually abusing her. 

Sophie, aged nine, is at the centre of a bitter custody battle between her dad Michael, 41, of Seguin, Texas, and her mum Kelly, 34, of Frisco, Texas, which has been being dragged on for over five years, since their divorce in July 2015.

Initially, the young girl was meant to be under the even custody of both her parents, yet as their relationship became increasingly toxic a judge awarded Kelly custody. The mum then took her children and moved over 200 miles away from their dad.

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On August 14, a video of Sophie went viral in which she is shown to be terrified. She can be heard screaming and telling her grandmother that she has been sexually abused by her mum’s fiancé. This then inspired the #StandWithSophie campaign after it was shared online.

Yet a judge has disregarded the increasing social media pressure and has had Sophie and her two brothers remain with their mum and only have weekend visits with their dad.

The Daily Mail has revealed that the little girl has been desperately trying to let her dad know she’s in danger and in lockdown, she created a series of coded words – including ‘daisies’ and ‘dandelion’ – to let him know she’s not safe.

Another of the coded words Sophie uses is ‘pens’, which tells her dad that her mum and fiancé have been arguing.

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In one of the letters she sent her dad, she complained that ‘Mr Jake’ – the children’s name for their mum’s fiancé – had taken away her iPad for a week as she hadn’t stopped crying.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s mum’s anger has increased and she tries to tell the girl and her brothers that they are being brainwashed by their dad.

As Michael is desperate to gain custody of his kids, he took to recording conversations between himself and her mum and fiancé. Yet this has been a concern for Sophie, as she believes her dad could be arrested if the police were to investigate this.

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In many of the letters Sophie sends her dad, she tells him how much she misses and loves him. She thanked him for sending her sweets that he had hidden in a bag, as they had helped her to stop crying after being returned back to her mum’s.

So that she can continue to exchange letters with her dad, she has been begging him to send further stamps and envelopes.

In the viral video shared earlier this year, it showed the handover of the kids back to Frisco at then of a “long stay” with their dad.

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