Non-Binary Customer Outraged By Hairdresser Who Says He ‘Doesn’t Cut Girl Hair’

Credit: @gabrielleparallel/Instagram

A non-binary customer was left feeling outraged by a hairdresser who said he ‘doesn’t cut girl hair’. 

Gabrielle, who identifies as they/them, visited their local barbershop in Sydney, Australia, when the owner began acting disrespectful.

Hoping they could educate the guy, they decided to send him a message via Instagram about how some of his comments may offend potential customers in the future. 

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The non-binary customer was outraged by the hairdresser’s comments. Credit: @gabrielleparallel/Instagram

Gabrielle penned: “Hey Aaron, you cut my hair a few days ago and made some pretty harmful comments. First of all, I am non-binary. And second of all, haircuts are not gendered.”

They continued: “Telling me that I am a girl and you do not cut ‘girl’s hair’ is frankly sexist and uncalled for. My hair is biologically no different from any other gender. I asked for a masculine haircut, which you do. 

“You did a great job, I love my haircut but situations like these make queer people feel uncomfortable and afraid, it’s why most of us resort to cutting or colouring our hair in our bathrooms. 

“I hope I am able to come back to the Groomsmen one day without fear of being discriminated against and I hope you can understand where I’m coming from.”

But the owner didn’t take too kindly to the message and told Gabrielle they need to ‘give it a rest’. 

“Just try and give it a rest on the whole sexual orientation and gender equality accusations okay?” he ranted. “Quite frankly, I do not recall myself making any harmful comments.”

Instead of ending it there, the bloke then went on a social media rant of his own.

He said: “If you’re a man who’s now gay or had a sex change you’ve still got male hair. I had a girl come in – a girl, female, a woman – and ask for a men’s haircut. 

“It doesn’t f***ing matter if you’re requesting a men’s haircut, you’re still a female and still have female hair. You’re a girl, everything you have is feminine. None of this ‘I’m gay now I’m a boy’. Nah man, you’re a f***ing woman.

“I don’t care who you like, you’re a woman, you will always be a woman, you will always have woman hair.”

The barber thought it was okay to share his thoughts as he has ‘gay and lezzo friends’. 

Gabrielle hit back, saying: “I’d be happy to prove some info on the queer community should you educate yourself. Happy Pride Month.”

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