Non-Binary Teenager ‘Thrown Out Of Shop Changing Rooms’ When ‘Trying On Prom Dress’

Credit: GoFundMe

A non-binary teenager has claimed that they were ‘thrown out of a shop’s changing rooms’ for ‘trying on a prom dress’. 

The student, who identifies only as Charlie, told Birmingham Live that they went to a Monsoon clothing store in the city when the alleged incident happened.

They reportedly told the publication: “We picked up some dresses and went into the changing rooms’ individual cubicles. There’s only one area, it’s not labelled.

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“We each went into a cubicle and then as I was putting it on, this voice, which turned out to be a staff member from outside, said: ‘Excuse me, males aren’t allowed to try our clothes on’.

“I was set back by that, but not wanting to grossly embarrass myself or draw attention, I complied. She said, ‘Can you wait outside for your friend’. I waited on a bench outside the cubicle.”

Charlie, who apparently identifies ‘in a more feminine way,’ reportedly claimed that around five minutes later, the same member of staff told them they had to leave the changing rooms altogether.

Due to the alleged incident, the teenager and their friend reportedly left the clothing store, despite the fact it was one of the few places they could find a suitable outfit for their prom.

Fortunately, Charlie said that they have not experienced the same issue in other shops, having previously had positive experiences in both Primark and H&M.

Currently, the student has a GoFundMe page that aims to raise money for gender affirmation hormone therapy.

The page’s description reads: “I’m raising to start gender-affirming hormone therapy, to help me feel more comfortable in my body, and live my life as a young non-binary person.

“I came out about 4 years ago leading to [a] very negative reaction from my family.

“I start university in September and in my opinion, this is a great opportunity to start my medical transition.

“The NHS’s gender services are terribly underfunded and inadequate, and to avoid furthering already present medical related trauma, I’ve elected for a private route.”

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