Brit Reveals Plans To Visit ‘Most Dangerous Island In The World’

North Sentinel Island Tourist: A Brit has revealed his plans to visit the 'most dangerous island in the world'.
Credit: @real_lord_miles/Twitter & Alamy

A British tourist, who has previously holidayed in Afghanistan, recently revealed his plans to travel to the ‘most dangerous island’ in the world. 

Miles Routledge, who has also travelled to Ukraine during Russia’s invasion and Kazakhstan while there were riots there, is keen to build upon his ‘danger tourist’ reputation with his upcoming mission.

Next up, he apparently wants to visit North Sentinel Island, which is in the bay of Bengal and occupied by an ‘uncontacted tribe’.

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Sharing his plans on Twitter, he penned: “Buy two small boats and go to North Sentinel Island. One crew sets off fireworks to distract the primitives, [and] one crew in decontaminated suits sets up Starlink, cameras and a solar panel all hidden.

“Twitch of uncontacted tribes, $$$ and help science, tell me why this wouldn’t work.”

He added: “Or like, go with a drone disguised as a big bird, film content, boom exclusive footage of non contacted tribe that’s near priceless.”

The island sits in the Bay of Bengal, an Indian archipelago. Its inhabitants are famous for using forceful means to fend off attacks from the ‘outside world’.

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Two fishermen were reportedly killed by the Sentinelese in 2006 and John Allen Chau, an American Christian missionary, is believed to have also been killed in 2018.

During his recent trip to Afghanistan, Routledge claims he had ‘dinner with the Taliban’.

At the time, he took to Twitter and said: “TEA WITH THE TALIBAN! I’m in Afghanistan, walked into Taliban residency by accident and after talking they gave me food, [and] tea and even offered for me to stay the night.

“They are so kind!”

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