Nostradamus Prediction Appears To Back Elon Musk’s Dream Of Men On Mars

Fortune teller Nostradamus has predicted that astronauts will soon land on Mars - much to the delight of new Twitter boss Elon Musk.
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Fortune teller Nostradamus has predicted that astronauts will soon land on Mars – much to the delight of new Twitter boss Elon Musk.

Nostradamus is the alleged future-seeing French prophet from the 1500s.

Theorists claim that he has predicted awful goings on in the world including 9/11 and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

According to an expert on 16th-century astrology, he even predicted that King Charles III will abdicate the throne.

He speculated that the oracle foresaw that Charles will abdicate due to his age and ‘a man will replace him who never expected to be King’, which implies it won’t be Prince William.

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He also believes that the oracle foresaw the Queen’s death in his poems dating back to 1555.

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, aged 96.

As well as his prediction about astronauts visiting Mars, he has also apparently foreseen massive death and global destruction.

In his ‘Les Prophéties’ text from the 16th century, Michel de Nostredame wrote that there would be ‘light on Mars falling’ during this current period of history.

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One person who will surely be delighted should humans set foot on Mars is Tesla chief Musk, 51.

The SpaceX founder himself predicted that space travel to Mars would be achievable by 2029 – and labelled it ‘crucial’ to humanity’s survival.

He said: “Human civilisation could come to an end for external reasons like a giant meteor or super volcanoes or extreme climate change or World War III, or you know, any one of a number of reasons.”

Elon Musk
Elon Musk has previously said it’s crucial that humanity can go to Mars. Credit: Alamy

Interestingly, Nostradamus has touched on a few of these things before.

He warned of ‘seven months of great war, people dead through evil’ – for a period that aligns with the ongoing UkraineRussia conflict.

Of course, such a prediction could be simply coincidental, but as Russian president Vladimir Putin has threatened nuclear warfare, it does carry some weight.

Another line from his text mentions inflation and climate change – two things affecting much of the world today.

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He wrote, via New York Post: “So high will the bushel of wheat rise, that man will be eating his fellow man.”

In May 2021, wheat prices rose by 8.7 per cent, while other necessities shot up to record heights too.

Droughts across the USA have also had catastrophic effects on food supplies all over the country.

On climate change, which Nostradamus appears to have touched on, he wrote: “Like the sun the head shall sear the shining sea. 

“The Black Sea’s living fish shall all but boil… when Rhodes and Genoa half-starved shall be, the local folk to cut them up shall toil.”

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Written by Cal Gaunt

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