NYC Subway Has Banned Dogs Unless They’re Carried In A Bag

New York City subways have banned dogs unless they fit in a bag or some type of container, so they don’t disturb other passengers.

New York City commuters are certainly used to seeing strange and sometimes unpleasant sights, but it has definitely become a lot more unusual experience since it has been ruled that dogs can only go on the subway when contained in a bag of some sort.

Dogs are allowed on New York City subways, however, they must be stored in some kind of container.

In response to this, many owners have gotten creative with how they contain their dog on the subway. Twitter user Will Courtney managed to capture one dog, in particular, being carried in some type of burlap sack. Sadly, an MTA conductor turned away the man and his dog, despite the owner’s attempt at following the rule.

Will Courtney told Gothamist: “I talked to the dog’s owner for a little bit afterward; he said that he’d been carrying his dog in that setup for a long time, and had never had a problem before that day.”

Unfortunately, it appears the rules have gotten stricter when it applies to taking your dog on the subway.

The MTA rules stipulate that: ‘No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which could not annoy other passengers.’

Some dog owners have gotten creative…

This rule has led to many images of dogs on NYC subways going viral, with some absurd sacks being used as containers. To be fair, the rule never stipulated what size the dog has to be!

It does make you question whether New York City’s subways are as notoriously dodgy as they are made out to be when the biggest problem is dogs causing havoc.

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