‘Old School Goth’ Professor Says ONLY Way To Save Planet Is To Stop Having Kids

An ‘old school goth’ philosophy professor says that the only way the planet can be saved is if people stop having kids. 

Patricia MacCormack, of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, has argued that the ‘worst thing you can do’ to the carbon footprint is to have kids, as the world is already overpopulated.

As told to Yahoo Lifestyle, the philosopher says she’s simply ‘proposing eugenics or some kind of ethnic population control’.

The ‘old school goth’ believes having kids is the worst thing you could do for the planet. Credit: Bloomsbury Academic

To back up her controversial points, the goth has even published a book under the title ‘The Ahuman Manifesto’, which Patricia claims have resulted in her receiving death threats.

The professor, who is originally from Australia, told the news outlet: “I simply propose people not reproduce, and it automatically translated into acts of violence.

“So, somehow, I want to kill children, which is ridiculous. Somehow, I’m proposing eugenics or some kind of ethnic population control … and I think that what that shows is there is an anthropocentric – or a human – impulse to read acts of grace as, automatically, acts of violence.

“And that says a lot more about the people not reading the book and just taking over the message.”

The part-time DJ has acknowledged that her views could ‘trigger’ some people, as it’s contradictory to many people’s fundamental concept of the world.

Yet Patricia insists she means no harm with her beliefs, as it all stems from her care for children. She says the world is rapidly becoming inhospitable, so it’s unfair to bring a child involuntarily into the world.

Unlike what many would argue, the professor believes her work comes from a place of hope.

Featured Image Credit: Bloomsbury Academic

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