‘Transracial’ Influencer Oli London Says You ‘Have The Right To Choose Race’

Oli London Channel 4: The 'Transracial' influencer has said that you 'have the right to choose race'.
Credit: Channel 4 via YouTube & @londonoli/Instagram

‘Transracial’ influencer Oli London has said that you ‘have the right to choose race’ in a Channel 4 series called Would You Rather

The 31-year-old, who ‘identifies as Korean,’ appeared on an episode focusing on transracialism and sat opposite a black woman who argued their words were ‘harmful’.

Along with a short clip of the show, London tweeted: “If you can switch genders then you can switch race! Period!

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“Why are there so many double standards in the world with the woke brigade? You can be one thing but not the other. Let’s all embrace our differences.

“Everyone has the right to choose how they identify.”

When on the actual programme, the influencer defended their views further, saying: “I used to live in Korea for one year, I love the history, the culture and the people.

“I’ve put myself through a lot of pain, I’ve had a lot of surgery procedures to have more of a Korean aesthetic.

“I spent a lot of time learning the language, learning how to cook Korean foods.”

However, the woman opposite London completely disagreed, arguing that the concept of transracialism ‘does not exist’.

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Explaining why, she said: “I can’t sit up here and say, ‘Oh, I’m suddenly a white person’.

“If you as a white person can sit up and say, ‘Oh I can be black or I can be Korean’ and I can’t swap and benefit from the privilege you benefit from, then it’s clearly not an equal exchange.”

She added: “You are not a Korean man. No matter how much surgery you do or of the aesthetic you adopt.”

Despite her words, London completely disagreed and said: “Nobody can take away what a minority group has been through.

“But when you do combine culture… Millions of people now do adopt a lot of the Korean cultural aspects, through K-pop or K-drama.”

In response, the woman commented: “I think your skin colour has a lot to do with everything you’re doing. I think you need to recognise that white supremacy is a global issue.

“What you’re essentially saying is you can change your race. You can’t change your race.”

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