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British Influencer Who ‘Identifies As Korean’ Has More Surgery To ‘Look Like K-Pop Star’

Oli London
Credit: @londonoli/Instagram

A British influencer who ‘came out as Korean‘ has reportedly had more surgery to look like a K-pop star.

Oli London, who identifies as non-binary, has taken to their YouTube channel to let followers know they’ve visited Istanbul, Turkey, to have canthoplasty and a brow lift.

In the video, they said: “Finally my dreams are coming true of completing my K-pop idol look.”

Watch Oli London discuss their jaw surgery plans to look ‘more Korean’ in the clip below…

They explained that canthoplasty is an eye procedure that makes eyes appear ‘more Korean’ and the brow lift would help to define this.

The 31-year-old, who has admitted their family has stopped speaking to them, was recently told by American TV host Dr Phil that they should ‘love themselves’ without all the surgery plans.

But the influencer has insisted that they’ve still got some more ‘procedures’ to undergo before this can happen.

In the YouTube clip, London explained: “This is actually not my first surgery as I’m sure a lot of you know.

“Dr Phil I know you did tell me to be happy with myself and love who I am and I’m sorry to say, Dr Phil, I do love you but I have to do these few more final procedures and then I’m finally complete.

“So please don’t judge me on that, Dr Phil.”

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Oli London
Oli London has revealed further surgery plans to ‘look like a K-pop star’ in a recent YouTube video. Credit: @londonoli/Instagram

At the time of making the video, the internet personality revealed they were going to have the operations ‘very, very soon’.

They said: “I’m literally about to go under surgery very, very soon and I’m not even feeling nervous guys.

“I know a lot of people do get nervous but when you have this team around you that are just taking care of you and in a beautiful hospital, I’ve had the most amazing consultation with the doctor.

“I feel so relaxed and great.”

Since coming out as ‘transracial,’ the social media star has admitted they’ve received death threats.

In an interview with TMZ, London explained: “In terms of being transracial and being one of the first transracial activists, it’s a big step to come out and say that because has been a lot of backlash.”

They added: “I’ve literally had thousands of death threats which is very scary.

“People are telling me to kill myself, people are saying they’re going to find me and shoot me – really extreme stuff.”

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