‘Transracial’ Influencer Oli London Comes Out As ‘Korean Woman’

Oli London 'Korean Woman': The 'transracial' influencer came out as 'Korean woman' recently.
Credit: @londonoli/Instagram

‘Transracial’ influencer Oli London, who has said you ‘have the right to choose race,’ came out as a ‘Korean woman’ recently. 

The influencer told MailOnline that they’ve made an ‘important step in their transition process’ and identify as ‘gender fluid’.

They told the publication: “Over the last eight years I have struggled with identity issues and always been confused about who I am. So last year, I came out as transracial Korean and that was an important step in my transition process.

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“Now, however, with my most recent surgeries I have been experimenting and exploring being a Korean woman and now feel ready to share with the world that I am gender fluid and now living as a Korean woman.”

London reportedly added that over the years, they’ve felt ‘trapped in the wrong body’.

Since coming out as ‘transracial,’ the influencer has acknowledged that they haven’t ‘properly spoken to their family‘.

When appearing on This Morning, London claimed: “It’s been really rough.

“I haven’t spoken properly with my family since I had my surgery a few weeks ago and it’s been very tough.

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“I have friends who will no longer speak to me because of the surgeries, they think, ‘How dare you identify as Korean, you weren’t born in Korea’. But this is my truth.

“I feel so happy when I think about Korea, K-pop gives me happiness, BTS gives me happiness.

“I hope over time people understand. My family has been tough, they’re actually not speaking to me right now, I feel very lonely.”

At the time, London also said they would ‘complete two years of military service‘ to gain citizenship in Korea.

They insisted: “I have already offered the Korean people, I will give two years of my life to do military service if they give me citizenship, I will do anything to be Korean.”

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