‘Transracial’ Influencer Oli London Says They ‘Want To Make Their Own Pronouns’

Oli London Pronouns: The 'transracial' influencer has said they 'want to make their own pronouns'.
Credit: GB News via YouTube

‘Transracial’ influencer Oli London has said they ‘want to make their own pronouns’.

The social media star appeared on GB News and discussed their identity and what they prefer to be referred to as.

London said: “So, I’m pretty chilled out with pronouns. At the moment, I’m going by ‘they/them,’ but like I’m not one of those people who get offended if someone gets the wrong pronouns.

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“I actually wanted to make my own pronouns for Korean, so kor/ean. I think there’s so many pronouns out there, why can I not just have my own pronouns?”

They continued: “I was born a boy so I’m very happy [to be referred to as] ‘he/him’.”

When asked about coming out as a ‘Korean woman’ and why they didn’t go by ‘she/her,’ London explained: “That’s why I’m going by ‘they/them’. I’m more genderfluid. I was born a boy and I’m just experimenting at the moment.

“I’ve had facial feminisation surgery recently, I’ve been trying women’s clothing, [I’m] feeling much more feminine. But at the moment, I’m still like in the middle, like more genderfluid.

“Somedays I just like dressing like a boy and somedays I like dressing like a girl.”

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London recently spoke to Daily Mail and revealed they’ve made an ‘important step in their transition process’.

They told the publication: “Over the last eight years I have struggled with identity issues and always been confused about who I am. So last year, I came out as transracial Korean and that was an important step in my transition process.

“Now, however, with my most recent surgeries I have been experimenting and exploring being a Korean woman and now feel ready to share with the world that I am gender fluid and now living as a Korean woman.”

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