Woman Who Makes $500,000 A Year Sleeping With Married Men Says She Sees The Same Thing All The Time

Olivia Bentley, the woman who makes $50,000 a year sleeping with married men, has shared her secrets. Read on to see...
Credit: @oliviabentleyfitbunny/Instagram

Olivia Bentley, a woman who earns $50,000 a year sleeping with men who are in relationships has shared her secrets…

Maintaining a happy relationship isn’t always easy.

You want to make sure you’re supporting your partner spiritually, emotionally, and … physically.

And people in long-term marriages can often struggle with keeping the physical side of their relationships alive and well.

This can cause major issues!

And now, a woman who earns her living sleeping with married men has shared her secrets…

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Olivia Bentley is a woman who earns her living sleeping with men who are already in other relationships.

But, strangely enough, these men aren’t technically cheating.

In fact, they’re seeking out Bentley’s services on the advice of their partners!

Bentley is a s** therapist with a rather unusual approach.

She adopts a hands-on teaching method!

And after 15 years in the business, she claims she’s changed lives.

“I’ve saved marriages,” she explains to

“I get physically involved with the majority of the people I see, I think that’s part of the appeal.”

She claims that the wives in question are happy to give their husbands a ‘hall pass’ for her ‘life-changing’ sessions.

Olivia Bentley
Olivia Bentley is a s** therapist. Credit: @oliviabentleyfitbunny/Instagram 

“Some ladies say, ‘I don’t always want to be involved in this but I want to know who you are, I want to approve of you and I’m going to let him come and see you’,” she explains.

“I’m very affectionate physically and emotionally towards the wife always. If she’s feeling very good, then the mood is elevated and we have a really good time and the husband is very grateful for the experience.”

And there’s one major red flag Bentley sees in longer term relationships.

Bentley claims when marriages become ‘s**less’ that things can very quickly become toxic.

“It’s not an option to get married to a man and then turn around and say, ‘Oh, sorry, I’m not into se** anymore, too bad for you,'” she says.

“It’s not fair but I see it all the time. There’s tons of that out there and then they’re not really happy. I don’t shame them if they’re going to go to a provider.”

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Bentley also shares her tips to have a happier love life.

“The more athletic you are, the more s** you want to have — you feel more confident and aroused,” Bentley claims.

She also believes that asking for some professional help can be key to a happy relationship.

“Couples who have sessions with me are the coolest in the world because they understand the importance of sexuality in their relationship as a part of maintaining a healthy marriage,” she adds.

“When you’re forthcoming with your sexuality and your needs, that’s a healthy thing.”

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