OnlyFans Creator Reveals Most ‘Bizarre’ Fan Requests

An OnlyFans creator has revealed that she's received some extremely 'bizarre' fan requests on the subscription site. 
Credit: @emilieraebux/Instagram

An OnlyFans creator has revealed some of the most ‘bizarre’ requests she’s had from fans on the subscription site. 

Emilie Rae, who signed up to the site back in 2018, told Indy100 that she often finds subscribers want her to act out being a ‘damsel in distress’.

Referencing one particular follower, she said: “He buys fake casts and neck braces for me which I then wear.

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The OnlyFans creator has revealed that she’s received some extremely ‘bizarre’ fan requests on the subscription site. Credit: @emilieraebux/Instagram

“He likes receiving photos of me doing ‘everyday’ things in them: looking injured and helpless, ready for him to rescue me.

“It could be anything – plaster on my nose, for example!”

Before becoming a content creator, the 27-year-old claimed she was making £1,200 a month but has now managed to become ‘debt-free’.

Rae revealed: “In my last job, I was earning £1,200 a month. I earn double that a week now – sometimes more depending on how much effort I put in.

“I would never have been able to buy my first house, become debt-free and experience the things I have if it wasn’t for sex work.”

Although creating content may not look particularly difficult at first glance, the model claimed she takes around 150 shots in a three hour period every day, while constantly having to think up ‘new, exciting ideas’.

When she first joined the platform, she decided to keep her money-making venture private from her family. However, it all came out when her brother made the shocking discovery.

She told the publication: “My brother found out I was making lots of extra money and I paid him to keep him quiet.

“He eventually told my parents and, surprisingly, they just shrugged their shoulders and were entirely supportive.

“I’m one of the lucky ones – some people don’t get that response from their family and friends.”

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