OnlyFans Model Claims She Earns Nearly £5,000 Per Month Crushing Fruit With Her Feet

An OnlyFans model has claimed that she can earn up to nearly £5,000 a month by sharing images and videos of herself crushing up fruit with her feet. 

A woman who goes by the name Sweet Arches, from Portland, Oregon, claims that she pockets around £4,860 a month of top of her regular wage by sharing pictures and videos of her feet online.

As well as working in a hospital theatre, the 28-year-old says that she devotes around six to 10 hours of her day to her sideline job which involves entertaining her followers and fans online with feet-related content.

Instagram: @sweet.arches

As you might be able to tell from her pseudonym, Sweet Arches has involved herself in a specific online community that is dedicated to foot fetishes. Initially, it all began with an Instagram page and she would do it just for fun, yet she soon realised that people really were interested in her feet.

Before she knew it, Sweet Arches had built up a following of over 111,000 Instagram followers and she found many messaging her for specific content, or just to say they loved her feet.

Although she was popular for her feet content, she never thought it could be something she would ever make money out of. Yet she soon realised that she was mistaken, as she would be requested to make content such as licking her own toes or squashing fruit with her feet, and they would pay to see it.

Instagram: @sweet.arches

Sweet Arches herself has admitted to having a foot fetish and says that she loves treating herself to pedicures and making sure her feet are in perfect condition.

Before finding the foot fetish community, she says that she would experience remarks and insults about her interest in feet, as she would randomly offer to give out foot massages to her friends.

Instagram: @sweet.arches

Despite being into the community herself, Sweet Arches says there are just some things that she will not do – regardless of how much someone is willing to pay. For example, she won’t squish insects.

The foot content creator says that she’s using the extra income to pay for her university degree but does admit that it can be incredibly time-consuming.

Similarly, a woman says she makes a living by selling photos and videos of her fingernails and toenails.

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