Owen Wilson Fans Gobsmacked After Finding Out He Has A Famous Brother

Owen Wilson fans have been left gobsmacked after finding out he has a famous brother.
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Owen Wilson fans have been left gobsmacked after finding out he has a famous brother.

The Loki star, 54, is one of three children. While both of his siblings work in the industry, his younger brother is also very well-known.

A viral TikTok posted by Jemma McCarthy (@jemmamccarthy_) showed her reacting to pictures of the Cars actor’s celebrity sibling.

The video has now been viewed a staggering 1.9 million times.

She wrote alongside the clip: “I was today years old when I realised this guy is Owen Wilson’s brother.

Watch Owen Wilson on the red carpet at the Secret Headquarters premiere…

“Tell me I’m not the only one that just clocked?”

The images showed Legally Blonde, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Old School actor Luke Wilson, 51.

Shocked, fans rushed to the comments, with one person writing: “Now I know why he looks so familiar.

“Never thought about them being brothers!”

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A second person asked: “How did I not realise?”

“Why does this make so much sense? I always thought they looked similar,” added a third.

A fourth added: “Oh my God that’s crazy, I didn’t even realise.”

“OK I’m shocked but not at the same time,” added another.

Luke Wilson
Legally Blonde actor Luke Wilson is the brother of Marley & Me star, Owen Wilson. Credit: 20th Century Fox & MGM Distribution Co.

Some were far less surprised though, appearing to have known about the famous siblings for quite some time.

One commented: “Girl what?! Everybody knows they are brothers, they talk exactly the same!”

Another wrote: “Am I really old? I thought everyone knew this.”

A third said: “How did y’all not know this? Me and my friends used to call him ‘the hot one’.”

Although Luke has had rather large shoes to fill, he’s had no issues in paving his own way in the industry.

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He is best known for his portrayal of Emmett in Legally Blonde – a law student who eventually falls in love with Reese Witherspoon’s iconic character, Elle Woods.

Luke has also had critically acclaimed work in some lesser-known pictures, too, including Henry Poole Is Here, Death at a Funeral and The Goldfinch. 

The eldest of the three Wilson brothers, 58-year-old Andrew, is also a successful actor and director in his own right.

He has enjoyed roles in movies such as Drew Barrymore’s Whip It, Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon and the 2017 film, Time Trap.

@jemmamccarthy_ TELL ME IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT JUST CLOCKED!?!? Luke Wilson from Legally Blonde n Look Both Ways is bros with the legend Owen Wilson.. guess the name gives it away #owenwilson #owenwilsonedit #owenwilsonwow #owenwilsonvoice #lukewilson #lukewilsonedit #legallyblonde #lookbothways #meetthefockers #reecewitherspoon #loki #netflix #celebnews #celebritynews #popculture #celebnewshost #celebnewsdaily #celebnewstiktok #presenter #celebritytiktok ♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

Andrew has shared the screen with his film star brothers on a number of occasions, including in multiple Wes Anderson movies, such as Bottle Rocket, Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums.

In 2006, Andrew and Luke worked together on Idiocracy, a science-fiction comedy which follows a guy who becomes a guinea pig for a secret hibernation project. 

The year before, all three brothers were involved in the making of The Wendell Baker Story.

Andrew co-directed with Luke on the film, who also had a starring role alongside Owen.

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The three siblings grew up in Dallas, Texas, and are regularly seen supporting each other from the front row at movie premieres.

The trio’s parents are also well-known, with Robert A Wilson, a TV director, and Laura Wilson, 83, an esteemed photographer.

Robert passed away aged 75 in 2017. The couple had been married for 54 years.

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