Paddy McGuinness Confirms Peter Kay And Phoenix Nights Cast Are Keen To Reboot

It has been confirmed by Paddy McGuinness that he, Peter Kay and the rest of the Phoenix Nights cast are keen to reboot the hit comedy TV show that was aired on screens back in 2002.

Paddy McGuinness has convinced fans of Phoenix Nights that the hit show could be making a return through his latest comments.

The hit comedy about a group of men working in a comedy club has not been on our TV screens since 2002, but nearly twenty years down the line Paddy McGuinness has stated that he now thinks its time to bring the hilarious show back – and apparently, everyone is on board.

The show starred legendary comedian Peter Kay that instantly became a cult classic, despite only be two series long.

Take Me Out presenter Paddy told The Daily Star: “It was great. There’s always talk about doing another one.”

Paddy has acknowledged that despite a third series never happening, there have always been ideas penned – just in case.

In 2015, the show made a very brief return to raise money for Comic Relief.

Paddy said: “We did do it live. And that went really well. We sold out five nights playing to 15,000 people a night and that was great.”

Credit: BBC

Inspired by Peter’s and Paddy’s character, a spinoff was created in 2004 about Max and Paddy.

Despite this, David Spikey who is co-creator of the show claimed that he saw no plans for a return.

He acknowledged this to fans of the cult classic through Twitter, where he said: ‘Series 3 was never written although the ideas were there. Max and Paddy rode away into the sunset and sadly that was the end of that.’

He added that the idea of a third series was a ‘lost cause’.

According to reports, David and Peter were no longer on speaking terms for several years after David insisted Peter took all the credit for the show’s success.

He discussed the fallout with Chortle: “We thought it was fantastic, only for it to go away and for us to discover that actually we hadn’t been nominated, it was only Peter. ‘And you think, “well, he’s probably not going to accept that because of all the work we did”.”

“There were three writers. If you’re talking about the person who sat down at the end and collated everything and wrote it, then that was Peter. 

“If that’s how you qualify, by putting the words on the paper, then so be it. “I think credit where credit’s due really. We were the writers of it!.”

This news comes not long after David Jason announces Only Fools And Horses Del Boy is making a return.

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