Renée Zellweger Faces Backlash Over Playing Pam Hump Role In ‘Fat Suit’

Credit: NBC & ABC via YouTube

Renée Zellweger is facing a backlash over her role as Pam Hump in The Thing About Pam as she’ll be wearing a ‘fat suit’. 

People are taking to Twitter and saying that the crime drama, which follows a woman serving life in prison, should have had a plus-size actress.

After watching the official trailer for the show, one person tweeted: “It’s s*** like Renée Zellweger in a fat suit for that TV show that gives me zero hope in this industry y’all.

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The Thing About Pam
Renée Zellweger is currently facing a backlash over her role as Pam Hump in The Thing About Pam. Credit: NBC via YouTube

“Like, how are fat people supposed to be cast in anything when they won’t even cast us as fat characters. What the f***.”

In agreement, a second wrote: “I just saw Renee Zellweger in a fat suit for a new show and sighed for 6 days.

“It’s like this gets discussed every time it happens but it also keeps happening every time.”

“God forbid we hire a mid-sized actress- no let’s put Renee Zellweger in a fat suit,” a third commented. “It’s 2022 and we’re still putting people in fat suits instead of hiring fat actresses.”

In a recent interview for Vanity Fair, Zellwegger opened up about the role and the ‘fat suit,’ revealing that it was ‘really hot’.

She said: “It was pretty much head to toe. It was prosthetics, it was a [padded] suit, it was the choice of clothing, it was the briskness in her step-step-step, her gait.

“All of those things were really important because all those bits and pieces are what construct the person that we project our own conclusions and presumptions onto.”

She added: “Oh, gosh, if you don’t recognise an actor or an actress in a performance, that’s a great compliment. You’re not trying to tell your own story.”

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