Parent App Locks Kids’ Phone Until They Text Their Parents Back

There is now an app for parents which allows them to lock their kid’s phone unless they text their parents back. Now if this doesn’t work, nothing will. 

Nick Herbert, a divorced father from the UK decided in August 2017 that enough was enough after his son consistently ignored his text messages to check he was safe.

When 15-year-old son Ben’s poor texting etiquette was becoming a concern, Nick decided there was only one solution. An app that would sound an alarm until the message had been read (regardless if the phone is switched to silent).

The 47-year-old father thought this was a great idea, as it avoided a confrontation as he had access to his son’s phone from a distance. It seemed a perfect solution to his son ignoring urgent messages about how and when he would be arriving home.

RespondASAP has had over 130,000 since its launch two years ago.

The app is called RespondASAP and when your kid reads the message, another message is sent back to the parent which informs them that their kid has read their message.

In the same way, your kid can also send urgent messages. Nick decided this was another feature that the app would need to be a success, it would allow his son to raise concerns when out and about.

The app has many perks, including allowing you to schedule when your message is sent. The message will also appear over whatever is on your kid’s screen, so there’s certainly no avoiding it!

As the app became so handy for Nick, he decided that this was something every parent would need at some point. Therefore made it available for everyone.

RespondASAP is available for other parents to use, allowing them to resolve a situation in which their child is stubbornly avoiding messages. However, the app only works if both the parent and child have downloaded the app – which might lead to a little bit of a debate at first.

If your child tries to sneakily delete the app, they’re not in luck. The app will send a notification to the parent, informing them that it has been deleted.

Thankfully, the app has a feature that once a message is delivered, the person’s location is tracked.

Since the app became available for just 99p, Nick claims that the app has been downloaded over 130,000 times since its launch two years ago.

There are actually a variety of packages to choose from, with the priciest being £12.99 (plus local taxes). The ‘Platinum’ package allows you to connect with up to 20 people. This is ideal for people who have a large contact list or a company who needs employees to respond as fast as possible. However, if you don’t want to add it straight away it is a bundle you can add on further down the line.

If this sounds handy, why don’t you check out Skoda’s Parent Taxi app, which charges your kid in chores for car journeys?


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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.