Parent Taxi App Allows You To Charge Your Kids For Car Journeys!

Škoda has released a brand new parent taxi app, which allows parents to charge their kids for car journeys through chores!

To any parents dreading the constant journeys to and fro, dropping kids off at social activities or parties, without so much as a ‘thank you’ or a kiss goodbye than this new app may be the solution to your problems.

The parent taxi app adds up the total of miles of a journey, but instead of calculating the journey’s worth through money, the kid will be assigned chores that are equivalent to the length of the ride. This is made adjustable so that parents can change how many miles are equatable to a chore.

Credit: Škoda

Once the journey is over, the parent can share the receipt directly through their smartphone or through a connected device. The recipient must then payback for this journey through being assigned certain chores such as washing and drying dishes, tidying their bedroom or feeding the family pet.

Skoda’s study found that in the average week, drivers spend three hours in the car with their kids. Meaning that in a year that this totals up to a shocking 156 hours with drivers chauffeuring their kids around.

Therefore, with Skoda’s new app it will be a lot more comforting to parents stuck in traffic knowing that when you get home, it won’t be you doing the hoovering!

The ‘Skoda Parent Taxi’ app is officially available for Apple IOS and Android mobile devices and is free to download.

So, let us know down in the comments if you think this will be the solution to getting your kids to do the chores!

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