Parents Who Have 16 Kids Reveal They’ll Keep Having Babies ‘Until We Can’t Anymore’

Credit: The Bonell Family via Facebook

A mum and dad who have 16 kids have revealed that they’ll keep having babies ‘until we can’t anymore’.

Ray and Jeni Bonell, from Queensland, currently have nine sons and seven daughters, but they want more!

In a YouTube video, the dad said: “We would love more kids. It hasn’t quite happened yet, but we would love more.”

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Jeni continued: “We are very happy with what we’ve got, we are very open to having more.

“Eventually, age and that next season of life will prevent that, but there is always hope.

“If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, we’re happy either way.”

Further on in the video, she added: “We will keep having babies until we can’t have babies anymore.”

In the vlog, the couple opened up about how they met and said it was Jeni who made the first move.

32 years later, they are still together and more in love than ever!

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The parents of 16 have revealed they will keep having kids ‘until we can’t anymore’. Credit: The Bonell Family via Facebook

When the topic of pregnancy came up, Jeni explained that she’d always enjoyed being pregnant and it was a part of the reason why she and Ray had so many kids.

“It’s fun,” the mum said. “There are a lot of sacrifices that come with having a family this size, but for us, it’s right. For a lot of other people, it might not be.

“But we put 100 percent into raising our kids and into our family life so for us it’s perfect.”

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