Parents Divided Over Footage Of Man Spanking A Child In Public

Footage of a man spanking a child in public has gone viral as parents have been left divided on whether or not children should be punished in public for their behaviour, and whether or not the man was too brutal in how he hit the little boy. 

A video has been shared online in which a man – who is believed to be the child’s grandfather – spanks a young boy on the bottom for misbehaving, whilst out in public.

The man is heard saying to the little girl sat beside the boy: “Sit your a** down.”

Since being shared onto social media, the footage has received millions of views and has sparked a debate on whether or not this is the correct way you should discipline a child when they misbehave.

Although some commenters said that they believed spanking was out of line and was a poor way of parenting, others said they thought it was fine as they had been spanked as children too.

Credit: Twitter

One Twitter user wrote: “This is gross and anyone condoning it is disgusting as well.

“If you have to hit your kids to make them listen, you’re the problem.”

Another user said: “This is far too much.

“Kids are learning and growing still. They’re not full adults who understand everything. This kind of hitting is abuse.”

Despite the footage showing that the child is hit several times, many people said that they thought spanking was necessary as a disciplinary tactic – in certain scenarios.

Credit: Twitter

Olympic hurdler James Carter even pitched in, saying: “That’s what my parents did to me and I made two Olympic teams and finals.”

Professional boxer Jamal Herring then chimed in, commenting: “Got my a** whooped as a kid… plus those whoopings in public not only embarrass you, it gets your act together.”

Regardless, some insisted that spanking was just a form of “lazy parenting” and “crossing the line”.

Many said that although they didn’t find the spanking to be out of order, they thought punishing the boy in public was wrong.

One person said: “Wow… hmmmmm I believe in spankings. I discipline my children with a occasional spank now n then.

“That’s how I was raised, my parents, grandparents, so on, and so on. I turned out fine and respectful to everyone. BUT, a spanking that bad with hand in public? I’d never do that.”

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