Parents Face Backlash After Sharing Videos Of Child’s Eating Sessions Online For Views

A Chinese couple has faced intense backlash after allegedly filming their overweight daughter eating so they can gain views online. 

A three-year-old girl named Pei Qi is reportedly being encouraged by her own parents to devour whole plates of food so that they can stream it online and gain views.

In the videos shared online, the little girl is shown eating from multiple plates placed in front of her which are crammed with food.

Yet Pei Qi’s parents have faced backlash online as people have accused them of abusing their child by encouraging her to unhealthy amounts of food so that they can gain a following and make money.

The girl’s channel has since been removed from a popular social media platform in China, as there has been an intense uproar over her parent’s treatment of the child.

However, Pei Qi’s parents have strongly denied these accusations and have stated that their daughter simply has a big appetite but otherwise is completely fine.

In the videos shared online, the little girl is shown eating from multiple plates placed in front of her which are crammed with food. 

The girl’s mum told the Daily Mail: “Our videos not only included her eating food, as well her losing weight and dancing.

“She’s my birth child, why would I intentionally feed her that much? She has always been a big child.”

Her dad added: “We have jobs and don’t lack money, we just want to record the ‘growth’ of our child.

“We did make a little bit of profit, maybe a few hundred yuan, but that is just a number to us.”

Pei Qi’s mum, who is nicknamed Tan, tried to defend her daughter’s weight. She said that when she gave birth, the girl weighed 4.5 kilograms and since then has always put on weight easily. She said that her little girl has always enjoyed eating but unfortunately doesn’t like sports.

According to Chinese media, the little girl now weighs around 35 kilograms, which is above average for a girl of her age.

Chinese video platform stated that Pei Qi’s channel was removed from the site as there had been far too many complaints from viewers, who insisted the child is being abused.

Recently, a video surfaced in which the three-year-old told her parents to stop feeding her, yet they proceeded to put more food on her plate, reports the Daily Mail.

It is believed by viewers of Pei Qi’s channel that her parents have been inspired by “mukbang”. This is a South Korean online video genre in which hosts consume large quantities of food for the satisfaction of their audience.

The genre has been criticised by Chinese President Xi Jinping, he said it was wasteful and in bad taste. Since then, many of the channels have been removed.

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