Parents Left Furious As Gay Couple Win Prom King And Queen

Gay couple made Prom King and Queen
Credit: @riley.loudermilk/Instagram

Parents have been left furious that a gay couple won King and Queen at a high school prom. 

Students Annie Wise and Riley Loudermilk, from Kings High School, Ohio, are the district’s first official gay couple to be awarded the title and, although many have celebrated the inclusivity, some parents have shared their disapproval. 

According to the couple, who are both 18, the school has struggled to remove the amount of negative comments on Facebook, with many stating the pair ‘need Jesus’. 

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Parents aren’t happy that a gay couple won prom King and Queen. Credit: @riley.loudermilk/Instagram

The issue also popped up at the Kings High’s board meeting, where a parent ranted about there being just ‘two genders,’ reports NBC affiliate Cincinnati

However, school officials have stood by their decision. 

Dawn Goulding, a community relations coordinator for the district, commented: “This is solely a Kings High School senior class nominated and voted-on initiative.”

In response to the backlash, Loudermilk said: “It also just was kind of surprising that a bunch of adults were bashing teenagers.”

Wise added that she thought it was bizarre that parents were so focused on their gender.

“I just think it’s weird that somebody who’s old enough to be my mom is so worried about my genitalia and what’s in my pants,” she explained. “I think that’s more concerning than having a gay couple win prom, obviously.”

Although parents have expressed outrage at the couple’s win, the pair insists that the negativity comes from a small minority.

Wise said: “Most parents are really conservative, but a lot of their kids aren’t conservative at all — they’re very liberal. 

“And a lot of those conservative people’s kids voted for us, and I just think that’s really cool that kids are learning on their own and not just taking all their information from their parents.”

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