Parents In Uproar Over ‘Inappropriate’ Children’s Slide

Parents have been in an uproar over an 'inappropriate' children's slide that's been built at a park. 
Credit: @madsplusthree/TikTok

Parents have been in an uproar over an ‘inappropriate’ children’s slide that’s been built at a park in Vancouver. 

It all started when TikToker @madsplusthree shared a clip of the attraction, which is supposed to be shaped like a ‘banana and two oranges’.

She captioned the post: “New playground uptown!”

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Parents have been in an uproar over the ‘inappropriate’ children’s slide that has been built at a park. Credit: @madsplusthree/TikTok

So far, the post has been viewed a whopping 1.2million times and many people have taken to the comments to question how it even was approved in the first place.

One viewer said: “Ummm, I would like to speak to the designer of this slide please.”

Another added: “Like, there’s no secrecy or art thing, it’s just there. Out and proud.”

“I can’t believe this, it has to be on purpose,” a third commented.

A fourth joined in, saying: “That cannot be an accident.”

@madsplusthreeNew playground up town!♬ what the fuck was that – champagnemami

But some of the viewers said they found it absolutely ‘hilarious’.

Alongside laughing emojis, one person said: “It was me, I thought it would be funny lol.”

“It was on clearance because no one wanted it,” a second joked.

However, many people who’ve seen the clip have pointed out that the slide is actually there on a temporary basis.

According to Hollywood North Buzz, it was erected (pun intended) for a set in a new Seth Rogan movie.

The Lionsgate movie, which currently doesn’t have a title, will reportedly be directed by Adele Lim, who worked on the screenplay for Crazy Rich Asians.

Reassuring horrified viewers, one parent commented: “It’s a movie set for a Seth Rogan movie, it’s already been taken down.”

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