Parents In Pyjamas Banned From Dropping Children Off By School

Parents in pyjamas have reportedly been banned from dropping children off at school in Middlesborough. 
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Parents in pyjamas have reportedly been banned from dropping children off at school in Middlesborough. 

Ayresome Primary School’s headteacher decided to take action after noticing more and more adults were turning up for the school run in pyjamas, dressing gowns, and slippers.

Reportedly, they took to Facebook and posted a ‘polite reminder’ for parents to wear ‘appropriate clothing’.

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Parents have been banned from turning up to the school run in pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers. Credit: Pexels

The post read: “Please can we ask that all parents/carers dress appropriately when dropping off and collecting children from school.

“Dressing gowns on the schoolyard are not appropriate.

“As a school, we encourage our children to be appropriately dressed at all times and we feel it is important for parents to do likewise.”

Many parents agree with the school addressing the issue, although some also said it was a bit ‘judgemental’.

A dad at the school, who asked not to be named, told the Metro: “I’m absolutely sick of it. It’s not hard to get dressed in the morning.

“Imagine how much those kids are going to be ridiculed when they get into school.

“They don’t even put on a fresh pair to come and collect them. A lot of the parents are disgusted by it.”

Another parent, whose 17-year-old son previously attended the school, also told the publication that parents had been doing this for over a decade.

They claimed: “They’re taking the kids to school in their pyjamas and coming back in the same ones.

“It’s embarrassing for the children. There’s no excuse you should get washed and dressed every morning.”

Social media users were split in their reactions online.

One person commented: “I personally wouldn’t because I’d feel lazy and unclean, however, I won’t judge someone else for it.

“As long as the kids are clean and fed then it’s not my place to judge.”

But some suggested that it’s not setting a ‘good example’ for children.

“Doesn’t set a very good example for the kids. If you can’t be a***d in the morning then why should the kids,” another argued.

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