Parents Of Four-Year-Old Trans Child Dubbed ‘Amazing’ After Sharing Their Story On TV

The parents of a trans child have been dubbed 'amazing' after their TV interview.
The parents of a trans child have been dubbed 'amazing' after their TV interview. Credit: ITV

Parents of a four-year-old trans child have been dubbed ‘amazing’ after they shared their story on TV. 

Matthew Stubbings and his wife Klara Jeynes, from Doncaster, appeared on This Morning to discuss how they are raising their son, Stormy, who was assigned female at birth. 

The couple revealed that their child began to ‘express’ that he was a boy when he was just two years old. 

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It was when it was soon enough for him to talk in a way that he could express himself properly,” Stubbings said. 

After conducting some research, they found that children understand the concept of gender as early as 18 months. Between the ages of three and five, this understanding gradually develops further. 

They then reached out to their GP and a trans youth charity, called Mermaid, who both recommended they allow Stormy to identify as male. 

Stubbings and Jeyne now let their child wear ‘boys’ clothes and get his hair cut short. 

Now aged four, the parents say their child is a ‘bright, happy boy who loves his life’. 

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Phillip said the parents of the trans child had made the best decision. Credit: ITV

Touched by the story, Phillip Schofield told the couple: “You sound, as parents, as if you couldn’t have figured this out as a family any better. 

“You gently applied the brakes, realised and discussed it openly, and offered alternatives.”

“It goes without saying but we absolutely adore Stormy,” responded Stubbings. “We love him so much and we’re so proud of him, and so proud of the choice that he’s made.”

“Eighteen months ago, two years ago, if I’d heard this story from somebody else I wouldn’t have believed it. I mean that, actually sincerely I wouldn’t have believed it,” the father continued.

“I thought it was all made up, it wasn’t real, I thought the whole thing was made up by parents. But because I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it, I’ve learned about it, I absolutely support what Stormy is doing.”

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