Paul Scholes’ Daughter Shares ‘Disturbing’ Clip Of Dad ‘Biting Her Toenails’

Paul Scholes' daughter, Alicia, has shared a 'disturbing' clip of her dad 'biting her toenails' on social media. 
Credit: @alicia.scholesx/Instagram

Paul Scholes’ daughter, Alicia, has shared a ‘disturbing’ clip of her dad ‘biting her toenails’ on social media. 

In the now-deleted Instagram video, captioned ‘True love,’ the Manchester United legend could reportedly be seen holding onto the 20-year-old’s foot and putting it towards his mouth.

It’s now accumulated thousands of views online and many people have been taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

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Paul Scholes’ daughter, Alicia, has shared a ‘disturbing’ now-deleted clip of her dad ‘biting her toenails’ on social media. Credit: @alicia.scholesx/Instagram

One fan tweeted: “Holy f***, Scholes actually sucked his daughter’s feet and no one [is] batting an eyelid. What the f*** man, what is wrong with people?”

Another added: “First we get pumped 0-5 by Liverpool, and now Paul Scholes is going at his daughter’s feet like a dog eating hot chips. We are finished.”

“Still can’t believe Paul Scholes chews fit man,” a third commented.

Joining in, a fourth joked: “Did Paul Scholes start eating his daughter’s feet after today’s results?”

This isn’t the first time that Alicia Scholes has landed her dad in hot water.

During the coronavirus pandemic, she allegedly broke lockdown rules by holding a New Year’s party in Tier 4 Oldham.

It reportedly came out when the young woman posted a photo of herself wearing an angel costume stood alongside a group of friends.

At the time, Tory MP Andrew Bridgen slammed Scholes and branded him a bad ‘role model’.

He said: “You’d expect a much more responsible attitude from a role model who has worn an England shirt 66 times.

“The people of Oldham are fully aware reckless behaviour like this has caused the return to lockdown

“While young people are less likely to suffer serious complications if they are infected, they may spread it to somebody for whom the consequences could be very severe.”

However, the 46-year-old was not reported to be at the party, or have any idea of it taking place.

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