Pensioner Killed By Flying Cow That Was Hit By Train And Flung 100ft While Urinating On Tracks

A pensioner who was urinating on a set of train tracks was killed by a flying cow that was flung 100ft after being hit by a train. 
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A pensioner who was urinating on a set of train tracks was killed by a flying cow that was flung 100ft after being hit by a train. 

Express trains travel up to 100mph in the region of Alwar in India.

On these tracks, cows are known to wander – with reports claiming that a whopping 26,180 cows have been hit by trains from 2022-2023.

It has now been reported that one of these incidents has also taken a human life.

Watch this helicopter airlift a cow to the vets in the clip below…

Shivdayal Sharma, 82, was relieving himself on a track when a cow was flung 100ft in the air after being hit by an express train which was about 30 metres away from him.

The flying animal hit the pensioner and tragically, it resulted in his death.

It has been reported that there was another pensioner with Sharma and they narrowly escaped unharmed.

According to India Today, Sharma worked as an electrician for the Indian railways before retiring 23 years ago.

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The incident reportedly took place on April 19 and it has since caused many officials to call for improved regulations on the train route.

A number of preventive measures are being taken by Zonal Railways as it also looks into reducing the number of animal fatalities that happen on the rail tracks.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has announced that measures such as ‘cleaning of garbage and removal of wild vegetation’ have started in hopes of keeping the cows away.

They are also looking at ‘frequent whistling at locations prone for cattle/animal run over’ in an attempt to dismiss them.

Cow in a field.
The pensioner was urinating on a set of train tracks when he was then killed by a flying cow that was flung 100ft after being hit by a train. Credit: Alamy

Plus, there has been the introduction of metal fences which have been erected along the length of the tracks to physically prevent cattle from straying onto the tracks.

India News has tweeted about the incident and it has since been viewed 330,000 times.

People have taken to the comments to discuss the incident and have expressed their disappointment at how something like this could happen.

Someone writes: “How about putting a fence around high-speed train tracks?”

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Another person comments: “This is sad but just wow… I mean just wow.”

“On a serious note they need to find a solution to this problem,” adds a third.

Others in the comments are saying that the government should invest the money in more public toilets so incidents such as this can be avoided in the future.

“Developing trains and tracks is a good decision but providing toilets to the public is also a necessity,” someone else expresses.

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