People Are Getting Nipple Injections Because Of Kendall Jenner

In the past few years, there has been a rise in nipple injections and apparently, women have become inspired by Kendall Jenner’s nipples in particular. 

Whilst people have been pointing the finger at Kylie Jenner for the rise in lip injections, people should now be pointing the finger at Kendall Jenner for the rise in nipple injections, in order to get the “high beams”, she sports in her various editorial fashion shoots, according to New York Post.

From the perfect hourglass figure to a curvaceous behind, people are striving for ‘perfection’ and will pay whatever the price. But in recent years, women have apparently been desiring the cold nipple look, no matter the weather – and will do whatever it takes to follow this latest trend.

Instagram: @kendalljenner

To achieve the cold nipple look, doctors are using both Botox and fillers, but there is also a procedure called the inverted nipple correction that can provide similar results. Based on those who have taken the plunge, it is quick and painless making it the perfect solution to add “volume” and make sure they can be “seen”, even through fabrics. However, the various procedures start at about $700 (£592) and will only give you two years of perky nipples.

A 28-year-old anonymous New Yorker told NY Post why she wanted the “designer nipple” look as her nipples never went hard, regardless of the weather.

She said: “I love Kendall Jenner, and I love that she just doesn’t wear a bra. You can’t see her nipples, but you can see the pointiness… There’s something really sexy and feminine about it.”

Instagram: @kendalljenner

Despite so many women finding the perfect solution to getting stiff nipples, not everyone is happy – especially about who is getting the credit for the trend.

One person on Twitter wrote: “I saw an article about women getting nipple injections to emulate @KendallJenner visible nipple style. I was appalled. Everyone knows that Rachel Green is and always will be reigning queen of the visible nipple.”

Whilst another joked: “Imagine a painful break up with Kendall Jenner, and just when you’re getting over her, discovering that your new girlfriend has her identical nipples…”

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