People Are Going Crazy Over Pancake Cereal For Breakfast And It Looks Incredible!

People are going crazy over the latest breakfast trend… pancake cereal. Pancake cereal is the latest TikTok food trend that is basically tiny pancakes in a bowl that resemble cereal – it looks absolutely incredible. 

To make some tasty mini pancakes of your own, all you will need is a frying pan and a pancake mixture, basically what you’d need for regular-sized pancakes.

Instagram: @thenaughtyfork

First of all, you should squeeze tiny circles of the batter into the pan and make them around the size of a 1p coin. Before removing them, you need to flip them over so they’re golden on both sides.

Instagram: @thenaughtyfork

Following this, simply add them to your bowl and add whatever toppings it is you fancy – then tuck into breakfast!

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Sam Schnur of The Naughty Fork tried out the latest food trend on TikTok and told Today: “(A similar dish) has been around for quite a while in the Netherlands.

“They’re called poffertijes and are usually made with butter and sugar.

“However, I’m using pancake batter, which is a little different, so we can call them mini pancakes.”

The foodie also recommended that you pay extra attention to flipping them over so that they don’t stick together.

Once the mini pancakes are finished, Sam said she likes to toss them in butter so they “crisp up together”.

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