People Are Making Chocolate Chip Cookies In Their Slow Cookers With Only Three Ingredients!

People have been making the most of their time in self-isolation by picking up new skills and even doing some DIY around the house. For anyone who is looking for something else to do after ticking off all the to-do list – who also happens to have a sweet tooth – then try this slow cooker chocolate chip cookie hack which only requires three ingredients. 

Budding bakers across the country have taken to social media to share and get advice on how to do some baking without a whole load of ingredients, as supermarket shelves have been stripped bare. Well thankfully, one of the most popular baking trends that are going around is using a slow cooker to make chocolate chip cookies. All you’ll need is flour, condensed milk and chocolate chips and then you’re good to go.

On the Facebook group Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips, one amateur chef shared their delicious looking chocolate chip cake which included a step by step method on how to do it yourself.

Credit: Facebook

The person wrote: “Just pulled this out the slow cooker smells amazing.

“Looking forward to a slab with custard later on.”

Hundreds of likes and demands for the recipe later, the person added: “2.5 cups flour (self-raising). 1 can condensed milk.

“Good hand full choc chips. 2.5 hours on high.”

Credit: Facebook

In total, over 400 people have commented on the post, declaring how amazing it looks to say it requires so little effort.

One person wrote: “Making this tomorrow!”

Whilst another stated: “I’d eat a piece right now, it looks delicious.”

Another agreed, commenting: “This looks yummy!”

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