People Are Making Lotus Biscoff Lasagne As It’s The New Sweet Tooth Food Trend!

Lotus Biscoff lasagne, yep you read right, is the latest sweet tooth food trend to sweep through social media and apparently, it’s the most delicious tiramisu that many have tried. 

From Biscoff brownie ice cream to homemade Biscoff fudge, people cannot get enough of the cinnamon sweetness and rightly so, it tastes amazing mixed in with whatever dessert you can think of!

Now, as you read the word lasagne you’re probably assuming it has somehow been combined with a pack of minced beef and some pasta – you’re wrong. Like a lasagne, it’s just layers upon layers of Biscoff biscuits and other sweet ingredients, and when dished up… kinda looks like a lasagne. If anything, it should be classed as a tiramisu.

Initially shared by Walla Abu-Eid, the rich and creamy dessert has taken foodies on social media by storm as they’ve tried their very best to recreate the dish – with the recipe kindly being shared in the original post. Remarkably, you’ll only need five ingredients to try it out yourself and it’s apparently really easy to make.

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The Lotus biscoff lasagne!! Wow it turned out way better than I expected 😍 You can find the full step by step method in the IGTV section on my page! . . Lotus biscoff lasagne! (@walla_abueid) Ingredients: – 3-4 packets biscoff biscuits (depends on tray size) – 600ml thickened cream – Dash of vanilla – 1 tbsp sugar: – Half a jar biscoff spread. . (@walla_abueid) . . . Method: – Place cream, sugar and vanilla in a bowl and whip till soft peaks form – Melt biscoff spread in the microwave until saucy, – layer biscuits at the base of tray – Place a layer of cream over the biscuits, then drizzle biscoff spread on top – Repeat steps till you achieve the amount of layers you desire with the final layer being cream – Place some biscoff spread in a piping bag and pipe lines on top of cream. Use a skewer to create a pattern (pushing those lines up then down). – Refrigerate for 6 hours or overnight, and enjoy!! . . . . . . . . #lifestyleblogger #foodblogger #sydneyblogger #bloggersofinstagram #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #coffeeobsessed #huffposttaste #insiderdessert #dessertrecipe #instafoodie #sydneyfoodies #sydneyfoodblogger #foodiesofinstagram #foodmagazine #huffposttaste #sydneyeats #sydneycafe @studio10au #instagood #sydneybrunchcrawler #lovefood #feedfeed #biscoff #biscoffcheesecake #biscoffcake #lotus #monthofgood #لوتس #حلا_اللوتس #اطبخ_بالبيت #حلى_اللوتس

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All you will need is three to four packets of Biscoff biscuits (this will depend on the size of the tray you end up using), 600ml of thickened cream, a dash of vanilla extract, one tablespoon of sugar and half a jar of Biscoff spread.

To start making your Biscoff lasagne, dish some cream, sugar and vanilla up in a bowl and whip it till a soft peak is formed.

Following this, melt the Biscoff spread in the microwave until it has turned into a saucy texture. Next, layer the biscuits on a tray.

Once you’ve followed the previous step, pour a layer of cream over the biscuits and then drizzle the oozing Biscoff spread on top. You should repeat this step until you have achieved the number of layers you fancy, once so, make sure your final layer is a layer of cream.

To decorate the Biscoff lasagne, get some of the remaining Biscoff spread and plop it in an icing bag, you can use it to pipe lines on top of the cream. If you then decide to use a skewer, it will create a fancy pattern (if you push the lines up and then down).

The final step is definitely the most difficult, you will have to find some patience from deep within you and wait for it to refrigerate overnight. As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s pretty darn difficult.

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Step by step method of making the biscoff lasagne. Full recipe at the end of video. Tag someone who’d love to try this 😍 Edit: no need to dip biscuits in anything if you can refrigerate for at least 6 hrs or overnight.. You may dip in milk or coffee if you wish to eat 3 hrs later.. . . #monthofgood #lifestyleblogger #foodblogger #blogger #sydneyblogger #bloggersofinstagram #flashesofdelight #thehappynow @studio10au #coffeeobsessed #huffposttaste #insiderdessert #coffeeholic #dessertrecipe #instafoodie #sydneyfoodies #sydneyfoodblogger #foodiesofinstagram #foodmagazine #huffposttaste #sydneyeats #sydneycafe #FCBA #instagood #caramelcake #sydneybrunchcrawler #lovefood #feedfeed #biscoff #biscoffcheesecake #biscoffcake #lotus @dailymailau @dailymail

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The foodie behind the dish has spoken to Tyla about how the dish came about. She said: “Last year, I put together a dessert called the Nutella lasagne which was so delicious. With my recent obsession with Biscoff, I had to make a variation and the Biscoff lasagne was born!

“I made it for the first time on Instagram live where so many people made it along with me, and it has been an absolute hit since then!

“It is the perfect refreshing dessert layered with Biscoff deliciousness!”

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