People Are Transforming Their Glass Tables Into Succulent Gardens!

People have begun transforming their simple glass tables into succulent garden paradises and they look extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

These days, a lot of people – Millenials in particular – can’t get enough of succulents. From terrariums to micro cacti, they cover their homes in them from the skirting board to the ceiling. But the obsession may not be over yet, as people have started turning their glass tables into succulent gardens that are lusciously green and earthy.

Coffee tables are no longer just a place to clutter with coasters and magazines, now you can show off what’s underneath by giving your old and dowdy table a breath of fresh air. With a gorgeous array of miniature sized succulents that range from vivid greens to purple hue tones, it could make for quite the conversation piece.

What started as a trend on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram now appears to be making its mark as an official interior spring trend, as people have wanted to make a change to their homes during the coronavirus lockdown.

Thanks to companies such as Cali-based Blooming Tables, who specialise in crafting these ready-made succulent tables so that you don’t have to do the work, you should have plenty of visual inspiration to try and do it yourself at home – if you’re on a budget.

If making it yourself is the only option at the moment, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s pretty simple to create your own. You just need to follow a few easy steps as listed below.

Before that, however, you’ll need to make sure you have horticultural charcoal, soil, pebbles, gravel, a few select succulents, plastic plant liners, plywood (if you intend on making a planting tray), tempered glass (if you don’t already have a glass-topped table) and finally, a drill.

The first step of the DIY process will depend on what type of coffee table is that you are working with. If you are already fortunate to have a table that has a convenient container for your plants then you will need to drill two to three holes in the base and line it with the plastic plant liners – you should be able to purchase this from your local garden centre.

Following this, you need to layer the compartment with gravel, horticultural charcoal and soil. After you’ve finished doing this, you need to make sure to create little wells in the soil so that you can plant your succulents. As they are hardy plants, it should be quick for them to establish and take root.

To complete the look, adorn it with the assorted pebbles and a little more gravel.

Of course, you then need to top and affix your tempered glass or simply reassemble your current glass top table.

If you need to make a custom wooden planter box that will fit the dimensions of your table, it has been advised by DIY expert Martha Stewart that if you use half-inch plywood and then lock the planter inside the table’s frame with brackets, you can then relay the glass surface over the top of the table. Although it may be a lot more hard work, it’s certainly just as satisfying.

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