People Are Debating Whether Or Not Planes Should Have A Booze Ban

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People are debating whether or not planes should enforce a booze ban. 

On a recent episode of ITV’s Loose Women, the panel, including Kay Adams, Denise Welch, Jane Moore and Kéllé Bryan, shared their thoughts on the issue. 

Welch, who has been sober for ten years, admitted that she hopes the ban comes into place soon. 

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People are debating whether or not planes should enforce a booze ban. Credit: ITV

She said: “Some people will call it rank hypocrisy and it may well be, as somebody who made no issue of the fact I had terrible issues with alcohol and I was a real caner.

“But I was never an airport or plane drinker. 

“On a chartered flight, much more than a scheduled flight, I dread the drunkenness on the plane, I do.

“I would love it banned in airports and airplanes because I feel sorry for the staff, I’ve seen them many times be abused.”

However, Moore argued that passengers would feel ‘punished’ because of the ban, and that it wouldn’t be fair due to a small minority causing disruption. 

“The majority of us are well-behaved, law-abiding people,” she explained. “Why should we be deprived of that because of the misbehaving few?”

Ending her argument, she stated: “Banning is an issue for me, we just need to have tighter regulations.”

Bryan had a similar point of view and said it would just make sense to have stricter regulations. 

She commented: “I don’t think it should be banned, there are people who abuse the free-ness of the alcohol, and say, ‘Oh it’s free, I’ll have another one’.

“You can’t move to banning it completely, you’ve got to move to being a bit more measured, so there’s a limit. Maybe one or two…”

Kéllé said planes shouldn’t enforce a booze ban. Credit: ITV

After watching the debate, many viewers pointed out that they’d never drank alcohol on a plane before.

One person said: “I’ve never drank on a plane. I’m amazed they ever let it in.”

Another added: “You don’t need alcohol on planes. Simple.”

However, others stressed that people were making an issue out of nothing.

“Jane is right. Why should a minority ruin it for everyone else? Sort out those who can’t control themselves rather than punish the rest of us,” one Twitter user fumed.

Agreeing, a second said: “I don’t want to sit on an aeroplane while there’s a flight marshall telling a group of rowdy d***heads they can’t have another drink. It’s a couple of hours. If you can’t wait it’s not a holiday, you need it’s Alcoholics Anonymous.”

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